Modular frame house 9×3.4 m


  • Overall dimensions: 9х3, 4 m
  • Total area: 30,6 m²
  • Premises area: 30,6 m²
  • Terrace area: 0 m²



  • The building will fit into your style – you can choose the style (modern, classic, country) exterior and interior decoration, as well as materials – wood (pine, oak and others), plastic, metal, composite.
  • Quality guarantee – production takes place in the shop, which allows ensuring the correct technological process and control the quality of construction.
  • Modular buildings do not require a building permit.
  • Mobility – modular buildings are fully mobile – if necessary, you can move them to another location, or even sell.
  • Your site will not turn into a construction site. You will get a finished building. It remains to connect to communications and enjoy housing.